Student Registration

Thank you for choosing Bio Sculpture Gel. Please complete the below student registration form in order to secure your booking for training.

If you have any questions, please contact or (02) 8218 4500.



    Please provide us with information relating to which Bio Sculpture training course(s) you would like to enrol in:


    In order to undertake Bio Sculpture® Product Training you must have prior education in nails and agree to use the complete system as outlined to you in training. We take pride in our training and are committed to ensuring that Bio Sculpture® Gel is applied correctly to comply with Bio Sculpture International standards.

    All Therapists intending to work with Bio Sculpture® Gel, must attend Product Training within 6 weeks of purchasing a Starter Kit or products, and return to sit for their Certificate of Merit exam within 6 weeks from the date of their Product Training. To maintain high standards all users of the Bio Sculpture system must be trained by a Bio Sculpture Educator (In house training is not recognised). We recommend you attend a complimentary Refresher Class annually to keep up to date with the latest developments.

    We only guarantee our Gel when our UV lamp and full system is used. Bio Sculpture® Gel is for professional use only, by qualified Bio Sculpture Therapists. Under no circumstances are the professional products of Bio Sculpture (i.e. Gels, UV Lamps etc) to be on sold through any other avenue. It is agreed by you not to sell any professional Bio Sculpture products via an internet portal such as e-bay etc, and we reserve the right to withdraw supply of product to those persons who do so.

    We have found some Therapists to misrepresent the Bio Sculpture® Gel brand by advertising that they offer our branded Gel products and services, when in fact they are offering an inferior brand. We have also come across Salons using our posters and falsely advertising our brand, this is illegal and we have prosecuted offenders. We will defend our Brand vigorously, as we are passionate and work hard to establish it as the leader in healthier nail care worldwide. Please will you be vigilant and report any misuse of our brand by unauthorised Salons or untrained Nail Technicians, as it creates a bad public impression of the credibility of our brand - and hence the legitimate users of Bio Sculpture® Gel which is you, our valued trained Bio Sculpture Nail Therapists.

    We are proud of our quality nail system and hope that you will be as proud to represent us, resulting in your financial success and a healthy working environment.