Throwback Thursday – Folk Collection

It’s certainly Autumn now and we’re ready for the colder months and darker days…Honestly! We’ve been dreaming about these gorgeous shades from The Folk Collection 2014 this week.


We LOVE these four magical colours from the The Folk Collection photoshoot in 2014, these will make an enchanting statement to complement this season’s Autumnal hue, starting with No.180 – Heart & Soul below. A classic camel shade with a subtle undertone of natural shimmer.


No.181 – The Artist’s Muse is a beautiful dark, rich grey / brown. A very charming nail colour with a subtle purple undertone, it’s the ideal shade for Autumn and will blend beautifully with your winter wardrobe.


No.182 – Pursuit of Beauty, the deep sapphire blue which is a sophisticated alternative to black and looks particularly smart on short nails. It has a magical resemblance of a luminous night sky with the radiance of its enchanting stars.


No.183 – Free Lovin’ is an opulent emerald green shade which is distinguished, polished and incredibly versatile. This darkly seductive nail colour is a radiant shade of green with the right amount of elegance for the cold winter months


These four colours are available in 4.5g Gel and Nail Varnish, give one of these beautiful shades a try this Autumn.