Meet the Bio Sculpture trainer – Tracy Norman

Bio Sculpture holds core values of health, quality, performance and education, and Tracy Norman represents these values throughout her beauty career with the Bio Sculpture team.

Starting out as a Bio Gel technician over 20 years ago, Tracy built a very successful salon business that exclusively offered Bio Sculpture nail services. Tracy’s passion for Bio Sculpture continued as she moved to become one of our trainers.

We took the time to sit down with one of our most experienced Bio Sculpture technicians, picking her brain from favourites products and moments, to why she joined Bio Sculpture over 20 years ago:

BIO: Thanks so much for sitting down with us Tracy, let’s start off with how long you have been with the company and a little background on your beauty experience.

TRACY: Thanks for having me! Sure let’s start, Well I began my career working as an acrylic technician but after attending my first beauty expo I went to the Bio Sculpture stand, signed up for training and within six months I had changed all my clients to Gel and I have never looked back. I have recently moved my salon home and now I can do all my training sessions and clients at the one location. I am so proud to now be at expo talking and supporting ladies as I was all those years ago.

BIO: It’s so great how you can incorporate your training sessions and have a home salon, it’s a major benefit of becoming apart of this business. Let’s talk about your funniest moment, when was a time that has truly stuck!

TRACY: My funniest moment, I have had many but we still laugh about this, I had a client who was going out for dinner with her husband, I assumed a special occasion, so I asked where are you going? is there a colour you would like? maybe to match an outfit? she had a very heavy accent and I was stunned at her reply. She actually said “I am going to Redfin and maybe Navy” but I heard “I am going to bed n making a baby.”

BIO: Now we know you’re a long lover of the Bio Sculpture products, but can you tell us and your future beauty students your favourite Bio, EVO, Gemini and Ethos products and why?

TRACY: I love all Bio Sculptures products and colours but the Soft Gel is so versatile and amazing for nail art. The Evo Oxygenating Base is great, it’s infused with vitamin A&E. Not only is it a base gel it’s also a building gel and an extension gel. It’s all I use now when applying glue less tips.  Also, the Evo Gloss gives such a long-lasting high shine it’s my all-time favourite finish. The Ethos range is essential in any salon I use them all but if I had to pick it would be the Vitamin dose, so important after soaking off to maintain a beautiful nourished nail and with Ginseng Root extract it smells nice too.

BIO: All the products are so good, and so essential for a nail technician who want’s to move to a more natural and healthy way in the beauty industry. Finally Tracy, what do you love about Bio Beauty Concepts education and the Bio Family Community?

TRACY: I guess it’s nice to know that I can say I am a part of something special.  A product that has helped ladies all over the world look and feel beautiful, a network of technicians helping others with any questions, opinions and answers related to anything at anytime. Most importantly a hard working and dedicated team at Bio Beauty Concepts in Sydney HQ that we educators just call family as you will too. 

BIO: Thanks so much Tracy, I’m sure that your story and love for the company will inspire many beauty entrepreneurs around Australia. 

You can learn more about Bio Sculpture nail gel courses available for beginners and novices through the experience nail therapists.

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