Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Courses

Professional Gel Nail Courses With A Health Focus

Bio Sculpture offers a wide range of professional nail gel training courses for all levels, from gel nail courses for beginners, to gel sculptures and extensions.

All Bio Sculpture Gel nail courses are internationally recognised by Bio Sculpture suppliers in over 30 countries.

As a commitment to our customers, Bio Sculpture Gel provides on-going advice and support to technicians and salons following the completion of their gel nail training courses. We pride ourselves on being the leading professional nail gel system and training is the key to getting the best from the system for your clients.


The Bio Sculpture Gel nail course is designed for qualified nail technicians and/or beauty therapists. It is the perfect introduction into the Bio Sculpture Gel system that teaches you how to apply perfect, DAMAGE FREE overlays that lasts up to 3 weeks (over 6 weeks on toes!).

The Bio Sculpture Gel system comprises of soft, medium and hard gels that suit every nail type and condition, which allows for technicians to provide a tailored gel treatment to their clients and achieve healthy, long lasting results.

You will also learn the art of nail preparation, safe and easy gel removal, and how to refine, repair, shape and reinforce your clients nails to achieve perfect results.

Included in this course is your assessment and certificate of merit, which is internationally recognised in over 30 countries.

With over 180 Gel Colours to choose from, therapists and their clients are only limited by their imagination.

The Bio Sculpture Professional Nail Course covers:

  • Nail Preparation – The cornerstone of Bio Sculpture overlays
  • Colour Overlays – Healthy, long-lasting, perfect!
  • Gel removal – Safe. Quick. Easy.
  • Create and shape clients nails based on their nail type, condition and lifestyle;
  • Learn how to create the perfect fit for your clients nails with our award winning Treatment Gels;
  • Repair chipped or broken nails safely and easily without glues or toxic resins;
  • Tips and tricks on how to create a Perfect Overlay that does not dehydrate or damage your clients natural nail.



Advance your skills further and learn the ins and outs of creating natural looking Gel Sculptures. Using forms and silk, Gel Sculptures are one of the most impressive services you can offer your clients!

You will be taught the skills needed to extend clients nails naturally, regardless of nail type, condition or length.

After completion of the Advanced Sculptures Course, Therapists will be eligible to sit for their Bio Sculpture ‘Advanced Certificate’, as well the the ‘Certificate of Excellence’ – The highest accolade recognised by Bio Sculpture internationally.


Need some inspiration? Try Bio Sculpture’s half day Gel Nail Art course and get inspired to add a little flare to your clients nails with the latest in nail art techniques, trends and accessories.

Check out the official Bio Sculpture Blog and Facebook page for endless Bio Sculpture Nail Art inspiration!


This advanced workshop covers natural and clear tip application, techniques, sizing, glueing and blending.

We also offer a unique workshop that covers GLUELESS TIPS, enabling technicians to apply long lasting tips using EVO Gel without the use of harmful or toxic glues and resins.